Chores for kids

Welcome to my new blog!  Today I wanted to talk about chores for kids as this is something I’m asked about once people see my boys chore charts hang on the kitchen cupboards.

Nick and Max have been doing chores since about ages 6 and 4.  Normally I wouldn’t have started with Max doing chores at age 4 except that he wanted to be included with his older brother.  The first chore chart I ever made for them had 4 pictures: a made bed, a laundry basket, a toothbrush and toys.  They knew from looking at the charts that they needed to make their bed, put their clothes in the laundry basket, put away their toys and brush their teeth each day.  Now, brushing your teeth isn’t a chore in the house but I wanted them to establish a good habit.  Once they had, I took it off the chore chart and told them that some things are just part of being a human being.

Now, the boys are 10 and 12 years old.  As they’ve gotten older, their chores have evolved.  I pay them their age in dollars every 2 weeks on Saturday.  Every year on their birthdays I have them choose a new chore to add to their lists as I’m paying them more money.  Currently, their chores include: cleaning their rooms & making their beds, cleaning the bathroom, setting the table, clearing the table & loading the dishwasher and running it, doing their own laundry, feeding the dog and letting him out, making dinner one night a week, watering the plants and swiffering the floor.  They each have a chart in a plastic sheet sleeve hung with blue tac on the cupboard, and they use dry erase markers to check off their progress.


If they don’t complete their chore, I deduct $0.50 per missed chores.  I like to pay them in full, then look at their chart, and have them immediately pay me back the money for missed chores.  While I could just pay them the total of what they’ve earned, I’ve found that they are more likely to complete their chores if they know how it feels to lose the money.

Here’s the website that I used to create the boys chore charts that I update yearly after their birthdays: Free printable chore charts for kids


Good luck creating chore charts with your kids!



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