Organized Thursday: Keeping a lovely fridge

How to keep a fabulous fridge:

Once a week, I go through my fridge.  This used to be the most hated chore in my house, I would find science projects growing mold, empty containers, bad smells and unknown smears all over my fridge when I opened it.  My response was usually to slam the door shut as fast as I could,

I decided there had to be a better way, and there is.

Part 1: Organizing

My plastic containers are from Home Hardware and Tupperware.  I use these to keep the little bottles from roaming around and getting stuck in the back of my fridge.  From Mike’s culinary classes, I learned about proper food storage, and I keep any cooked food/leftovers/dips on the top shelf of the fridge and leave a spot at the bottom of the fridge for defrosting food.  That way, if the defrosting meat drips, it will end up on the flat bottom, easy to wipe up, without contaminating any other food items.  You may also have noticed that I’ve lined my fridge with plastic placemats from WalMart.  This is to keep it looking nice and easy to remove and wipe down if there are any spills.  I found this idea on Pinterest: DIY Fridge Mats


Part 2: Maintenance

My town’s garbage day is Thursday, so every Thursday morning I make a quick sweep of the fridge and check the expiry dates/how old the leftovers are and dump them into the about-to-go-out bag.  Then I take a Clorox wipe and wipe out a section of the fridge.  It takes less than 5 minutes and keeps the fridge beautiful!




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