Financial Friday: budgeting for pets

Pets! I have two, a barn kitten named Shadow and a Saint Bernard named Bowser.  I love them like family, but they do cost money.  I’ve found that sometimes our fur babies don’t make it into our household budgets and can be an easy way to overspend.


Budgeting for pets; this requires a slight amount of work on the front end of things, but then it will be place comfortable until anything changes, like adding or subtracting a pet.

To start – a pen and paper exercise.  Write down, realistically, what you spend in a month for your pet’s regular needs.  I spend about $10/month on cat food, $10/month on cat litter, $10/month on cat toys.  For dog food, $75/month.  Bowser could care less about toys so that isn’t a spending concern for him.  So my total monthly pet expenditures are $105.  Then I add 25% to this figure and put $131.25 aside in a separate bank account each month.  When I buy cat food on sale, the savings plus the additional 25% stay in my pet account (or you can use a jar/envelope in your house as well) I keep the surplus until the next vet appointment or special grooming session for Bowser.  I can groom Bowser at home and often do, but when the pet account’s got a bunch of surplus, I’ll treat him to a spa day 😉

This is just something to think about in your own household as I’ve found that pets can be a drain on the budget if they aren’t planned for.



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