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Organized Thursday: Creating a Home Journal

To create an organized home that is capable of running without you, creating a Home Journal (AKA a Control Journal) is a great idea.  A Home Journal is a concise, central binder filled with the information needed to run your home.  I started mine over 10 years ago as I was very ill and had an ill baby and a toddler to take care of.  I created it so that if I couldn’t be home suddenly, because I was in the hospital (which happened a few times), the person I left in charge of my house wouldn’t be left high & dry.


What you need to create a Home Journal:
– a binder

– dividers

– paper

– plastic sheets


My Home Journal is divided into the following sections:
1. Routines & Basic Weekly plan (2 sheets of paper total) – I typed these up and printed them: My routine list is my morning, afternoon and evening routines (eg. Morning Routine: make bed & tidy bedroom, get dressed, check weather, let boys know, breakfast & kitchen rudy, get going at 7:50 am for school).  My basic weekly plan is a Mon-Sun list of chores (eg. Monday – clean floors & pamper myself, Tuesday – laundry and bathrooms, Wednesday – Menu plan, grocery list, empty garbages, Thursday – put garbage out, clean fridge, Friday – clean house (7 chores), Saturday – laundry, Sunday – nothing

2. Food stuff – my printed grocery lists, takeout menus, current menu plans 

3. Numbers – Important phone number list, local business listings sheet, important number list of insurance, ID, banking and passport numbers 

4. Dependants stuff – plastic sleeve each for Nick, Max, Bowser the dog and Shadow the cat – the boys files have their most recent report card, swimming lesson card, Nick’s trombone rental info etc.  The animals have their last vet checks and receipts for their food and so on.

5. Miscellaneous – my birthday list, master camping packing list, spring cleaning checklist, a plastic travel folder with upcoming trip info and a plastic folder containing our family budget sheet


You can customize this to work for you, by adding sections or taking them away.  I was introduced to this concept by the great Flylady, see her website here:


Have fun trying out your own version of a home journal!



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