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Kids on Wednesday: Teaching your children to cook

Hi guys!
It’s kid friendly Wednesday and I wanted to post about teaching your children how to cook.  This is based on my personal experience of teaching my boys how to cook, and I would love to hear your comments if you’ve had different experiences.

Age 3-5: Kids this age love to help, so I had the boys help me stir cold bowls (not a pot on the stove but a cookie batter bowl etc.), put pre-measured ingredients into the bowl, decorated cookies, topped casseroles with cheese, and helped me put bread out/set the table.

Age 6-9: This is the age where I taught the kids basic knife safety (never hold it by anything but the handle, adults must wash knives, using a cutting board) and how to chop different things.  I told them a number of times to focus on cutting things the same size so that they would cook evenly and to cut something like a carrot down the middle so that it has a flat part to put down to cut so that it wouldn’t roll while they were trying got cut it.  They started out chopping celery, apple, then moving onto potatoes, carrots and onions.  This is also the age when I taught them to make their own breakfasts, from cereal to toast to scrambling eggs.  I also taught them how to use the microwave for hot dogs and pizza pops, that sort of thing.

Age 10+: Now we’re cooking!  At age 10 I started letting the boys use the stove as they were now tall enough to reach the knobs without climbing on the stove top.  We started with Kraft Dinner, eggs, french toast and grilled cheese (both good to try out flipping skills) and then Nicholas moved on to making marinades and marinating meat which is his favourite.  Max is more interested in making casseroles so we are working on that.  We have some cookbooks that the boys leaf through and choose new items to try making.  I have also introduced them to the kitchen tools and appliances and how to use them, one at a time.  

Have fun in the kitchen with the little guys 🙂



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