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Organized Thursday: Creating a charger & battery station

Hi guys,

It’s organized Thursday and something that will make your home much more user friendly is creating a charger and battery station.  I would recommend using what you already have in your house to create such a station instead of going out and buying something new – you probably have an empty container, ziploc bags, etc. that you can use to make this work.

I’ve featured a picture of my own station which lives in a cupboard in my kitchen.  This is because I charge and change batteries in my kitchen.  If you’re more likely to do this in your living room, put your charging station there for sure.

The grey bucket contains all of our chargers, cords and rechargeable battery plug ins.  Each family member has their own ziploc bag to keep things from getting tangled up.  Each charger was marked with what it’s for with either a piece of tape or a silver Sharpie (to show on the black cords).  When I originally did this, I went through all of our charger cords and found ones that I didn’t know what they were for.  After going through our electronics, I found they didn’t go to anything and I recycled them.

The black container is a battery organizer, it also holds a screwdriver and a battery tester, handy to have in the same place.  Like the similar ones on Amazon here: 

Battery Organizers

Have fun organizing your chargers and hopefully you won’t run around searching for a charging cord again!



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