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Kids on Wednesday: Organizing the kids clothes for fall

It’s Wednesday and the focus is on organizing the kids clothes for fall.

August is right around the corner and that’s the month when I get the boys ready for school.

1. Fashion Show – I have the boys try on their pants and long sleeve shirts, seeing what they need and have.  I write down the next size up that they need for clothes and shoes and make sure that I write a scratch list like: Max – 7 long sleeved, 2 hoodies, 5 t-shirts, 5 pants that fit, 1 pair of shoes, 1 rain coat, 1 set rain boots, no winter boots, no winter outdoor gear, Sizes: size 8 pants, size m tops, size 5 shoes.  I also use this opportunity to grab a donation bag and ask the kids to throw in anything they don’t like, or worn out clothes go into the garbage or for garage rags.

2. Compare the scratch list of what fits to my clothing list.  My clothing list is my perfect amount of clothes for each boy – adjust this as necessary for your life style but for my boys I prefer them to have 7 pairs of pants, 7 long sleeve tops, 7 t-shirts, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 hoodies, 1 set of dress clothes & dress shoes, 2 sets of pj’s, winter boots, rain boots, 1 spring/fall coat, 1 winter coat, 1 snow pants, 1 baseball hat, 2 sets swim trunks, pile of underwear and socks.  So, based on Max’s earlier list, I would buy him 2 t-shirts, 2 pairs of pants,  1 set shoes, 1 set winter boots, 1 set winter gear.

3. Plan a fun shopping day.  When the boys were younger, I would shop for them by myself but as they get older, I will take them with me as they have their own sense of style and don’t usually like what I pick anymore, haha!  We usually go to Old Navy, Wal-Mart, Target and Children’s Place.  Sometimes I’ll shop online too as I find that the Bay, Children’s Place, Old Navy Sport Chek for shoes, and Land’s End (for outdoor clothes) have some great deals at this time of year.

Have fun organizing for fall and get out there and grab some great deals!



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