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Organized Thursday: The dreaded linen closet

Hi friends,

It’s Organized Thursday and we are delving into the dreaded linen closet today!

Here’s a picture of my freshly organized linen closet, above.  

I love baskets from Dollarama for the little stuff – in my linen closet I have Swiffer clothes, dusters, air fresheners, dog and cat grooming items, my Red Cross Emergency bag which is self contained, and hot tub chemicals.

I fold towels into thirds to save space. You might notice that I have two shelves/sets of towels, that’s because all of the white ones are for the hot tub only, I don’t like to have them mixed in with the bathroom towels because of the chemicals in the hot tub and my sensitive skin.

For sheets, I stack the fitted sheet and pillow cases and fold the flat sheet around them to make little packages since they’re at the top and I don’t want the pillowcases to fall on me when I get them down 🙂  I’ve also been told that folding sheets and put them in a pillowcases to make a little package works well.

I also put the 3M sticky hooks on the wall for my duster, mop, broom, cleaning cloths, etc.  On the opposite side, I have a wall hanger for my central vacuum hose.  Use the wall space in your closet and you will find it goes a long way for storage!

Have fun and let me know if you have any additional linen closet organization ideas, I would love to hear from you.





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