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Financial Friday: Sending yourself a Christmas hamper

Hi friends,

It’s Financial Friday and I wanted to touch on helping yourself first, financially.  A lot of parents give continually without much thought to themselves, especially around the holidays.

Last year was a very expensive one for our family as we hosted the family at our home, which was wonderful but definitely more money in food and entertaining. After that, I decided to look online for Christmas Hampers to see if I could make something work for this coming year.  I found these guys:

Santa’s Choice Hampers

I love it, One payment a month for 10 months and then in November/early December I’m going to receive my food hamper that I picked out.

I was also impressed to see that they have summer hampers, full of BBQ meat and tons of other options, and I decided to set that up for next summer as we like to host lots of summer get togethers.

Amy 🙂


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