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Organized Thursday: Kids Art

Hi guys,

By request, here are some ideas on organizing your kids artwork.  Little artists spring up quickly and then the amount of paper floating around the home is amazing for a time!  Here are my ideas on organizing the pretty chaos:

1. A keepsake binder – Many years ago, I bought a large, zippered Spiderman binder to store the boys best & favourite work in.  They each have a section and had a say in what was kept.  Sometimes, as it got pretty full, I would ask them to remove a piece to add a piece as there was no room left.  This worked well & is a really nice snapshot of their best work.

2. Packages for loved ones – Especially when the boys were in daycare, the sheer volume of art coming home was overwhelming.  On a biweekly basis, I would put together a large envelope of recent artwork, and send it to close friends, aunts & uncles, grandparents.  They loved getting it and I would give them my blessing to keep/discard/enjoy as they wished.

3. Display – my best display idea that the boys enjoyed was a large tackboard that we rotated regularly.  Now, in my library design days, there are some more ideas that may work for you: one library hung a steel cable with brackets and clothespins across the front, which would also work with a laundry line.  Another library used the drop ceiling tiles to paint on and put back up as an art display, it looked amazing.   Lastly, I recently saw a library that created a series of shadow boxes and rotated local kids art – this is better for the 3D creations, be it Lego, play dough or clay.



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