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Sparkling Clean Tuesday: Kitchen Cabinets

Hi friends,

It’s time to talk about your kitchen cabinets, specifically the fronts and tops of them.

The fronts of your cabinets can get greasy, grimy and finger-printy so quickly and stay for so long that you may no longer notice it.  A quick spruce up here can make a big difference in the look of your kitchen.  I have two favourite products for cleaning the front of cabinets – the first one, Cabinet Magic, is for more heavy-duty jobs, like when my friend Michelle moved into a new-to-her but very neglected house, and the Cabinet Magic cleaning convinced her to keep the old cupboards.  I also love Pledge Revitalizing Oil with orange.  The Cabinet Magic and Pledge oil (not the spray can with the furniture polish) can both be bought at Safeway, Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, etc.  My only additional tip for using the Pledge oil is that you’ll want to do this in the morning/when your kids & family are less likely to use the kitchen for a few hours as it takes time to sink into the cupboard’s surface and you don’t want someone to trail greasy handprints all over your house after touching the freshly oiled surfaces.

Now, for the tops of your cabinets, I know that this is a disgusting job, unless you’re one of the fortunate ones to have the cupboards that go straight to the ceiling.  I don’t, and so what I did was climb up on my counter with a bowl of warm water which I had doctored with 1/2 cup vinegar, 2 squirts of dish soap, and my scrubby brush, and I scrubbed the greasy gunk off the top.  Once I was done, I never wanted to do it again, so I picked up a tip from a friend and laid the clean tops with wax paper.  I’ve also heard that Saran Wrap and paper towels work too.  Just cover that clean surface and then in a year, pull it off carefully and put down a fresh covering.  No more cleaning that greasy mess – ta da!



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