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Kids on Wednesday: Dinnertime Conversation

Hi friends,

Years ago, when the boys were wee toddlers, I bought a book on family conversation starters for the dinner table.  We all know that having dinner together is awesome family time, but if you’re not having a conversation with everyone participating, you’re missing a major bonding opportunity.

Our family tradition has become that once everyone is seated at our table, whether we have guests or Dad is working late, everyone who will be there is seated and inevitably Max will ask, “So, family member’s name, what’s your favourite part of the day?”  The answers over time have been hilarious or happy, and everything in between.  The answers have been gravy, hanging out with you, a new bike, gardening, going fishing, watching the cat play, seeing my friends and all kinds of things lately. It’s a little chance to promote gratitude and find a little positive each day, even if it is literally – my favourite part of the day is going to bed tonight!

We have tried some variations of family questions, like what’s your favourite room in the house and why, who’s your favourite person right now, what’s your new years resolution, how can you work on being an even better friend, what do you want to be when you grow up, if you could move anywhere, where would it be and a few more, but we always come back to What’s your favourite part of the day – as every day there is a new thing to say.

I encourage you to promote dinnertime conversation in your family, whatever size and shape, and pick a question to start with tonight 🙂


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