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Organized Thursday: Finding your hobby a home

Hi friends,

A hobby is a great thing – especially important in my view for a parent – something to unwind with. be creative and pass time enjoyably.  My hobby is scrapbooking and card-making.  Some of you have more than one talent or hobby and that’s exciting, until your dining room table’s been taken over my your quilting for a week, or your kitchen counter’s overrun with pages and stickers.  

You need to find your hobby a home.

First off, you will need to gather together everything that pertains to your hobby, in my case, I had some paper in my office closet, stamps and stickers in my bedroom closet, etc.  Bring it all to one place, spread it out on the floor (this is my favourite way of being able to see everything at once) and then be ruthless, purge anything that you won’t use, no longer like, scraps that are no longer useful, things you bought on sale that aren’t that great, and so on.  Purging means get it out of your house. In the trash, as a donation, sell it, give it to a friend, that’s up to you.

Next, look at how many items you have left and find it a permanent home where your hobby can live.  This might mean a shelf in your closet, if you’re really lucky, it’s own room or a portion of a room, an IKEA desk with shelving, or in my case, a repurposed record player cabinet.  You’re creative, you can find a space!  Load it up with your hobby supplies, and if you see anything while you’re loading back up that doesn’t work for you, add it to that purge pile.  

This will help your hobby be more accessible to you and easier to engage it, when you know that everything is in one place.

If you already have your hobby spot in place, I really encourage you to go through it and purge anyways, it’s amazing how easy it is to accumulate things 🙂


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