Sparkling Clean Tuesday: Darn, dirty windowsills!

Hi friends,

Sparkling clean Tuesday here and I don’t know about you, but summer’s wind, storms and open windows have made my windowsills look gross.

Here’s my no-fail, quick solution to getting them spruced up, you will need a not-in-use toothbrush (I bring home extras from the dentist for cleaning), an all purpose spray, and paper towels.

Part 1: Wet your cleaning toothbrush and scrub out sills – repeat until you can see the white (if your frames are white)

Part 2: Spray the all purpose spray into the sill tracks and then use the paper towels to scoop the junk out

Part 3: If necessary – use your vacuum hose attachment to clean out any remaining debris

And you’re done! From darn, dirty windowsills to sparkling ones 🙂


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