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Organized Thursday: Your overflowing bathroom cabinets

Hi friends,

Bathroom cabinets – both medicine  and under the sink – can easily overflow with a muddle of medications, cleaning products, hygiene stuff, and all kinds of other items.  I also have the particular challenge of having a very small storage area in my master bathroom ensuite, so I’ve become really creative!

How to organize your bathroom cabinets

1 – Ruthless purge; go through everything you have currently in your cabinets, getting rid of out of date medications, shampoos you hate the smell of, cleaners that don’t work or are empty, and anything else that doesn’t belong there.

2 – Get together some baskets to organize like things with like; all feminine products together in one basket, all hygiene items in another, etc.  I love baskets for under the sink, especially plastic ones in case any bottles drip for easy rinsing.  Also, if your bucket of one particular item is full, you probably have too many.  I’m a big believer in simplicity, you don’t need 5 products to clean your bathroom, or 50 kinds of hair ties.  Find one thing or maybe two that you think work the best and hang onto that, purge the rest.

3 – Stocked up items; I like to stock up on my favourite lotions, shampoos, and so on when it’s on sale but I don’t have room under my sink for my little stockpile.  So, instead, I’ve used the extra space in my master bedroom closet off the bathroom for the buckets that store my extras.  It’s close at hand but not cluttering up my cupboards.  If you have a similar space issue, think up a place close by that can work for this kind of storage that you don’t need access to daily.

Happy organizing!



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