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Sparkling Clean Tuesday: de-gunking your vacuum

Hi friends,

It’s Sparkling Clean Tuesday and it’s time to de-gunk your vacuum!

You might want to russell up your owner’s manual for the proper way to do this with your particular model, most are available online too if you’ve lost your original.

Your task is to take out the canister/bag/filter and clean it out for better use next time 🙂

This is really simple, just take it apart, empty it out, brush the excess with a stiff cleaning brush and toothbrush, wipe out with paper towels and re-assemble.
I recently found out that the central vacuum that I inherited when I bought my house, which I’ve kept emptied, also has a cloth filter that can be taken out and washed on the gentle cycle.  I had to clean it out into the garbage can, shake it outside, rinse it off and then wash it as it was that dirty.  However, since this is done, I’ve noticed a big difference in the suction in my vacuum.

I recommend doing this task before you shower as it’s a dirty one – good luck!


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