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Kids on Wednesday: Packing their own school lunches

Hi friends, 

It’s back to school time and I don’t know about you, but I hate packing lunches!

So, I’ve taught the boys to pack their own.

Originally, when they were in elementary grades, I had a sheet that said you need:

– 1 main course

– 1 drink

– 1 fruit or veggie

– 1 milk product

– 1 snack or dessert

Now, they have this memorized so it’s no longer up in my kitchen.  They know my expectations for their lunch bags and I do occasionally spot check them.  I make this easier for the boys by having small plastic containers in the lower shelf of the fridge that have: cheese strings, yogurt tubes and cups, fruit and veggie options.  For main courses, I leave the bread on the lower shelf too and have taught them to cut up sausage, cheese, grab crackers, make microwave cheese quesadillas, hot dogs, pita pockets, how to use their thermoses, and just now we have the option of a microwave at school so that opens up a whole lot more lunch possibilities.

Also, pick a time of day that you want the lunches packed and stick to it.  Ours is while I’m making dinner as I can easily supervise.

If you haven’t done this kid-based lunch packing before, I would start small with them helping make choices and informing the kids of what you expect them to pack & eat for a day, but don’t be surprised if it takes off without you and you soon have independent children packing their own!



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