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Organized Thursday: Creating an entryway station

Hi friends,

It’s Organized Thursday and high time to create an entryway station for your daily leaving the house items.

For the kids, this means backpacks, shoes, mitts, hats, umbrellas, and so on.

For me, this means sunglasses, keys, bug spray, sunscreen (in the summer months) and my purse etc.  If you work outside the home, you will need a space for briefcase, work bag, gym bag, etc. 

I have my entryway station divided into two parts – my pitifully small closet which holds the jackets and my purse and gym bag, and then I had to create another station that was pretty enough to be out in the front hallway but functional first.  I saw a picture on Pinterest where someone had re-purposed an old dresser for her kids backpack station, I’ve also seen it done with hooks and a baker’s rack, all beautiful ideas.  I re-painted a bench from the boys old playroom and use that, as pictured.  The mirror is to make the small space look bigger.  

What’s important is to use what you have, bring all going-out-of-the-house items together and make a home for them.

If you already have an entryway station in your home, hooray!  This is the time to go through it and make sure everything is in its place and put away what doesn’t belong.



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