Financial Friday: Plan a free family day

Hi friends,

It’s Financial Friday, and it’s time to plan a free family day.

Having two boys, I’ve been shocked by the cost of taking them out for a day on the town, whether it’s the Zoo or a Museum, I can’t seem to get away without spending at least $100 on a family day out, which is crazy!  I’m sure that those of you with bigger families will tell me that it costs even more for your brood to get out for a day.

Here’s your assignment: sit down with your crew, and brainstorm no and very low (like let’s say under $10) days out that your family would like to try and then plan a few weekends around your cheap entertainment.  My family’s free/very cheap favourites are: fishing, picnics and the cheap seats movie theatre.  

Also, look online for local attractions that you might have driven by, like small museums, historical sites.  Pack a lunch from home and make a day of it.



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