Sparkling Clean Tuesday: Keeping a fresh bed

Hi friends,

Here are my tips for keeping a fresh bed.  I’ve done away with bed skirts as I find them to be major dust gatherers, especially with animals and their shed fur in the house being caught by the bed skirt.  So, I’ve gotten rid of them and it’s easier to clean underneath the bed without it blocking the way.

While I like throw pillows, I think a reasonable number is 4 or less.  Don’t stress yourself out with the decoration of the bed!  I wash my throw pillows every 6 months as I change my bedding at the end of spring and then the beginning of winter – 1 set for warm weather and 1 set for cold weather with their own throw pillows.  I wash the bedding before putting it away for the season.  

As I have boys and animals in the house, my comforter needs washing much more often than every 6 months.  I will wash it in the washing machine under delicate.  My family doctor told me that drying bedding outside in the sun kills any germs that might be present on the bedding, so I try to do that as much as possible when the weather permits.

But my favourite tip to refresh your bedding is to put it in the dryer with a cup of water infused with a few drops of essential oils.  I love lemon oil.  This is a perfect option for when you don’t need a full wash.

Have fun refreshing your bedroom sanctuary!


3 thoughts on “Sparkling Clean Tuesday: Keeping a fresh bed

  1. Andrea says:

    Love it!! Quick question, though – cup of water in the dryer? Tell me more. I’ve never put liquid in my dryer, so in not sure how to proceed. 🙂


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