Kids on Wednesday: Creating a school night routine

Hi friends,

In this house, we have a pretty strict school night routine in place.  I’ve found that it really works for the boys, and helps keep our household running smoothly.

Our school night routine:
1. In from school – unpack their backpacks, put their lunch bags on the counter and their homework on the landing.

2. Downtime – super important for my boys, they need their quiet after a school day.  They get a snack and then watch TV for a bit to recharge.

3. After school activities – if they have hockey or swimming I try to book it in this space if possible.

4. Dinner as a family – the most important time of the day for all of us.

5. Homework – if the boys don’t have homework on a school night, I have them do some extra reading/studying at this time.

6. Showers

7. More downtime

8. Bedtime – differs by age, Nick is older so he gets to stay up 1/2 hour later than Max.


Also, I have two rules specifically for school nights: #1 No video games, no computer unless it’s for homework, no iPad.  #2 No playdates or friends over.  The reason behind these rules is to keep them focused on the routine above and their obligations.  

Friday evening is an exception as while it’s a school day, it’s not a school night 🙂

Good luck creating school night routines with your babies, the time to start is now!



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