Kids on Wednesday: Remember to have fun with your babies

Hi friends,

Sometimes, in the regular-old-Wednesday grind of life: what’s for dinner, has anyone fed the dog, and the mystery of Grade 6 math homework, we truly forget about having fun with our kids.

I’m not talking about planning a grand excursion to the Zoo or Heritage Park that will inevitably cost upwards of $100 for the day – although there definitely is a time for that.
I’m talking about a good old, at home activity, that your kids like to do with you, and loosening up, making it fun and having some laughs.

I did a little pop quiz with the boys a while ago and I was surprised that they wanted to play more card games and help cook more, of all things.  Max also wanted to have dinners on the deck, because it was fancier.  None of this costs me any extra but just helps me spare a thought towards having a few silly minutes bonding with the guys.

Why don’t you check with your babies and see what they’d like to do together with you – the answer might surprise you.



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