Organized Thursday: Tackling that pantry

Hi friends,

It’s Organized Thursday and time to talk about that little dark hole in your kitchen – your pantry.

There are lots of benefits to organizing your pantry but the best two are that it makes it way easier to meal plan by being able to see what you have and your family won’t go tearing through there when they can easily find what they want.

How to organize your pantry:

1. Make a plan of how you want it to look on paper; making it work for yourself and your family.  For example, in my house, the junk is on the top shelf and the cereal is on the bottom.  Why?  Because then the kids have to ask me for chips and they can pour their own cereal in the morning.

2. Empty that sucker out.  While you’re doing this, check if there is food that is expired & toss it or food that was on sale that you’ll never use – donate it to your local food bank as long as it isn’t expired.

3. Buy or re-use buckets and accessories you have in your house.  I have a couple of sets of can steps in my pantry – a couple for cans and a couple for spice jars – I bought these at Wal-Mart.  I also have a couple of spice packet holders – I bought these at Canadian Tire.  I have a potato keeper from Tupperware.  I’ve also used tins from chocolates and random bins from the dollar store to keep like items together, for example, I have my peanut butter, honey and cinnamon honey in an open tin on the pantry shelf because this is what the boys like to pull out when they have toast and this way it’s easier for them.

4. Put the items back in a way that work for you – I have garbage and paper recycling on the floor, cereal, juice boxes, potatoes and extra staples on the bottom shelf, cans, macaroni, hamburger helper, Bisquick, rice, spaghetti sauce and pasta sauce on the second shelf, as well as the toast bucket, all of the snacks on one side and all of my baking stuff on the other of the third shelf, and the junk food, extra spices, coffee and tea, cat food, and garbage bags on the top shelf.  You might also notice that I made labels out of pretty paper and zip ties, just to keep the family in line 😉

Have fun planning and organizing your pantry, it will make day to day meal prep so much easier!


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