Kids on Wednesday: Creating a treasure box

Hi friends,

Kids want to keep items to cherish memories, but sometimes they want to keep everything – in my house, we created treasure boxes to keep the boys most special past & outgrown items in.

I found these awesome map covered treasure boxes at Wal-Mart but I’m sure that you could also create a fun version at home.

The treasure boxes reside in the boys closets full time, and contain special items like birthday cards, coin collections, a special stuffy, school class photos, sports medals, swimming badges, hot wheels cars and a few other miscellaneous treasures.

I’ve helped the boys make decisions on what will go in their treasure boxes over the years; for example after a birthday, I would lay out all of their cards and ask them which one was the most special and we would save only that one.   If we were sorting their rooms, and they had a special toy that they’d outgrown that they couldn’t bear to give away, I would give them the option of saving it in the treasure box.  Every year or so, we will go through the treasure box to see what’s in there, sometimes they will cull out items they no longer want and often add things too.
The size of the treasure box limits what they can keep, so they know that the items that they do keep have to be their most special items.

Do you have a way of saving special items for your kids?  What is it?


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