Organized Thursday: Using your calendar to the max

Hi friends,

Something that has really simplified my life, especially as the boys have grown and I have to run their schedules too, is using my calendar for everything.

Some of the inventive ways I use my calendar are –

1. Colour coding each family member – shout out to second Mom, Sheila Anderson, for doing this first!  Especially for the kids or at a glance, this makes this much easier than just a jumble of writing.

2. Marking down things I want to get done on certain days.  On my calendar, you’ll see centralized notes to myself or family members – like change boys sheets or clean showers – tasks beyond my daily routines that I will write down with regularity to do.

3. Future reminders – If I have the furnace cleaned and they tell me it needs to be done again at the same time next year, I will write a calendar reminder for myself the month before.  If the calendar runs out, I just write all of the reminders at the end for next year’s calendar.

4. My time – I do pick a random day each month at the beginning of my new calendar to pick a day for me.  I usually just put a sticker on it.  I know that this means it’s a day for me to take care of myself, sometimes that means going out for dinner with a friend, sometimes that just means I take a bath and make a dent in my pampering supply basket.

5. Birthdays – while I know that many people write birthdays on their calendars, I check them off once I’ve sent a gift or card.

Have fun using your calendar to the max and let it hold your reminders so that your busy brain can take a break!


One thought on “Organized Thursday: Using your calendar to the max

  1. Hi Amy! I wouldn’t survive without my calendar either. We have a big paper one hanging on the wall for at a glance info, but it is my digital one that reigns surpreme! I share it with my husband & all my kids who have iPods so they can know what is happening. We share parents medical appointments with extended family who may want/need to know what is going on & I have reminders set up, so that my iPod reminds me to pay bills & of scheduled appointments in the coming days.


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