Kids on Wednesday: Managing extra curricular activities

Hi friends,

Kids that participate in extra curricular activities are usually more well rounded, and in my experience, busy kids are good ones, boredom can leave extra time for mischief.

However, it’s super easy to be overwhelmed by the demands and scheduling of way too many kids activities.  Schedule a sit down with your babies sometime soon and ask them about their activities, what they like and don’t, what they want to start or continue and what can be chopped.

Also, network with parents who have kids in the same activities, can they help you by carpooling? Can your spouse take on more responsibility with the kids activities?

Just taking a little time to re-examine your activities to make sure that they’re engaging and current, and spreading out the responsibility for the transport and timing, can really help to simplify your life.  Also, remember, sometimes saying no is the best course.



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