Organized Thursday: How many clothes do you need?

Hi friends,

It’s a good day to go through your closet and take a good look at your cold weather clothes – and get rid of some clothes too!

Here are the clothes you should get rid of:

– Anything that doesn’t currently fit you

– Anything that makes you feel bad about yourself when you wear it

– Anything that fits weird, feels weird, or you constantly have to twitch one way or the other to keep it the way you like it while wearing

Also, here’s a guideline for a comfortable number of clothes – adjust to your lifestyle as needed:

10 pairs of pants

2-3 pairs of pj’s

1 bathrobe

10-12 short sleeved tops

10-12 long sleeved tops

5 sweaters

2 hoodies

3 dresses/skirts

3 sets workout clothes

1-2 bathing suits

Have fun going through and donating your no-longer-needed clothes this week!



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