Kids on Wednesday: Actions speak louder than words

Hi friends,

There are lots of good opportunities to teach your children that actions speak louder than words.

Find a cause that they are passionate about – do they want to help feed the hungry?  Cheer the sick?  Help care for animals?  Visit the elderly and lonely?  Talk to them about it, or volunteer a cause that you are passionate about yourself, and make a plan to set it into action.

Call your local places and find a way that you can act to help, with your kids leading the way.  Discuss with them about your contributions and make sure not to take over, let them take action as well.

My boys are very interested in making sure that everyone has enough to eat.  We heard on the radio that a lot of veterans use the food bank and that the food levels were running low before Christmas.  After discussing it, we went to our local grocery store yesterday which has a food bank donation box.  I gave the boys each a budget and we went through the aisles, discussing the pros and cons of each item, how much they cost, who would they feed, if the boys liked them, etc.  Then we got a cart, did a second pass through the aisles where they picked their items and then we checked out and donated – on budget!  I was so proud of them.  I thought it was comical to see that Nicholas picked larger items that were meant to feed a whole family for a meal and that Max was all about the sale items and getting a lot of food for his dollars.  After seeing that the food bank donation bin was pretty empty, Max declared that he’s coming back on allowance day to fill it up some more.

I share this experience in hopes that you will find a positive action to engage in with your babies this week.



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