Organized Thursday: Transitioning to a new schedule

Hi friends,

Sometimes, you just have to organize yourself instead of what’s around you.

We all have schedule changes from time to time.  Since I’m a very routine kind of girl, these kind of changes are hard on me, do I like to ease into them.  I notice it most at the end of summer when the boys are going back to a school routine after long, lazy days.  I’m currently making a schedule transition and here is my method:

– two weeks before, prepare the kids: discuss the changes and your plan

– two weeks before, brainstorm and make a list of what will need to change and how to handle it: if I have to wake up 2 hours earlier, I should shower the previous night, make that a habit from now on on.  Or, what will be the new time to feed the dog with this schedule change? Try to think of all the little things and plan for them in advance.

– the week before, change your routine as a dry run

– the week before, ask for help from your spouse, kids, friends and family if you need it

– the week before, treat yourself extra nicely, do something for yourself, change isn’t easy but with a little planning you can do it smoothly



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