Kids on Wednesday: Tune in to your child’s stress

Hi friends,

This can be a very exciting, emotional, overwhelming time of year for your babies, along with all of the fun.  Take a few minutes a few times a day to make sure that your child isn’t stressed out, overwhelmed and overly emotional.  Check on them and in with them verbally.  If you see or hear the signs of them getting overwhelmed, to avoid a meltdown, make sure that they get a hug, a quiet place to retreat to, an activity they can zone out in (reading, TV, whatever you know works for them), a comfort item like a stuffy or blanket, or a nap if necessary.  Remember, your babies might be so excited to camouflage the stress that they don’t exactly know why they want to cry or rail at others, try to catch it before they do, that’s all.  Also, if they’re old enough, discuss a plan like, “We are having a lot of company this week.  If your tummy starts hurting or you feel really tired or your head hurts, we will make a special place for you to go for a little bit.  How about we build a blanket fort in your room before everyone gets here and that can be your spot?”  Make a plan that you know works for your particular child and adjust as necessary.



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