Kids on Wednesday: Avoid the post-Christmas crash

Hi friends,

Kids get so ridiculously excited for Christmas and then the big day comes, oh-my-goodness-everything-is-so-fabulous with gifts, parties, very late nights, too much food, and everything is off schedule.  Of course the babies, no matter how old, are going to crash afterwards!

What they need from you is to help them self regulate.  Institute mandatory quiet times in the afternoon for a few days and make a new bedtime – perhaps not the same as school nights, but close to it.  If your kids love their electronic devices, institute mandatory unplugged time for the rest of the holidays.  Encourage other activities like reading, baths, movie nights and exercise that you know help to relax them.

You can do it, parents!  You’ll notice a huge change in attitude that will tell you you’re getting it right.



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