Organized Thursday: Christmas decoration storage

Hi friends,

There are so many great Christmas decoration storage ideas out there and here’s a list I’ve complied of way that may work for you as you pack up – to avoid breakage and keep it organized!

1. A compartmentalized storage unit – I have the one pictured, attached, from Avon – it’s awesome.

2. Use a cut down PVC pipe to run along the top of a Rubbermaid storage bin to hang your ornaments along.

3. Use cardboard cut down to size in a container you already own to make dividers within the container for your ornaments

4. Use egg cartons to help organize the smaller ornaments

5. Recycle plastic apple trays to organize your ornaments

6. Use red Silo cups to organize your ornaments

7. For especially small mini-style ornaments, an ice cube tray would work well as an organizer

8. Recycle a coffee tin or margarine container to store your ornaments

Use whatever work for you!


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