Kids on Wednesday: Build a busy box

Hi friends,

Now that the January down time is upon us, take a day to build a busy box for your babies.  This will look different, depending on the age and interests of your kids, but you know them best.  Hit a dollar store or department store and pick up some inexpensive activities (check what you have at home, and use that first)- colouring books, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, a rubix cube, stickers, markers, plain paper, an origami book, some new reading books, army guys, cars, dolls, paper dolls, a yoyo, checkers, play dough, puzzles, board games, whatever you think your child will like.  Decide where you would like to use your busy box – at grandma’s house, at the lake, at home, in the car, watching a sibling’s sports game, and tailor appropriately.  Let your child help pick out some of the items and then when you are in a crunch and need an activity for them to do, let them choose one thing out of their busy box to do.  Ta da! Entertained child.



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