Financial Friday: Insurance pics and list

Hi friends,

Here’s a quick exercise that I do every year in January, to keep my insurance files up to date.  I have a typed Word document on my desktop and a file labeled Insurance pics that I tag by year.  In the Word document is a list of all of the big ticket items that we own with their make, model and serial number if available – for example:
– TV, 32″, Sony, serial #123456

– 2 sets gold clubs, bought 2012

– Kitchenaid stand mixer, bought 2011, serial #123456

And then I go around the house with my camera and take a picture of each room including the garage, and all of the closets and cupboards.

Now, I’ve never had a major emergency like a house fire, but this way I feel like I have a place to start if an emergency like that ever does happen.  I encourage you to do the same.



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