Organized Thursday: Linen inventory

Hi friends,

It’s a good time to inventory your linen!  I don’t think that you need a whole bunch of linens for your house, just enough to run smoothly for linen changes.

You need:

2 sets of sheets for each bed in the house

2 sets of towels for each bathroom in the house

1 set of swimming/beach towels for everyone in the family

1 set of crappy towels – for those icky cleaning jobs, like vomit and pee accidents

2 sets of hand towels if you use them

1 set of towels for the hot tub if you have one – I like to use separate towels for ours because of the chlorine

Go through your linens, if yours need replacing, put them on your grocery list.  If you have too many, weed out your not-favourites and give them away.



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