Kids on Wednesday: Kindness Projects

Hi friends,

We are focused on kindness and giving to others over Christmastime, but once the tree is packed up and the decorations are put away, we move onto the dead of winter season.  It’s dark and cold, and we tend to forget that the world around us, and the people around us, still need our kindness.

This doesn’t need to cost a lot of money or time.  Challenge your child to think of someone who could use a lift: a neighbour, teacher, friend, church or family member.

Once you’ve chosen your recipient, think of something small to make their day and then execute it.  If you know that your neighbour loves cookies, bake them a batch and drop it on their porch.  If you find that you have a friend who’s house is crazy busy, take them out for a coffee and a break.  Be creative and include your kids!  They are so intuitive and creative that they will probably come up with the best ideas!  And remember, kids learn what they live, teach them to be kind by doing kindness projects.



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