Organized Thursday: Gather your major purchase receipts

Hi friends,

Do you have a file for your major purchases and furniture receipts?

If you do, please go through it and get rid of the receipts for the furniture that you no longer own.

If you don’t, gather them together – I define major purchase receipts as large appliances like your stove, washer, and your furniture, and other big ticket items like your TV, cell phone.  I like to staple my receipt on the inside cover of the user manual, and then they are gathered together in a file in my office.

Lately, I’ve found that we’ve had issues with some pieces of furniture we’ve bought and a couple of our appliances, so it was super handy to have the receipts handy.



2 thoughts on “Organized Thursday: Gather your major purchase receipts

  1. Amen to that. I store all of our receipts in the one shoe box. A few weeks ago, I got fed up with our vacuum cleaner blowing the filter out after about 15 mins of use (an obvious design fault). Hubby diligently went through the receipt box & found the receipt for the vacuum in less than 5 mins. Turned out the vacuum had a 1 year warranty. We purchased it 350 days ago. So not only did he return it, they gave him a newer model and gave him $30 back!


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