Organized Thursday: Office Closet Organization

Hi friends,

An office or spare bedroom closet can be a real crap catcher or do nothing for a living to help you out.  Every square foot of your house, especially your storage spaces, should help you be organized and have easy access to your things.

I’ve attached a picture of my office closet.  It does have a few office supplies in it, but the bulk is for things that I use semi regularly and need easy access to.

I often wrap gifts in my office as I can lock myself in, so this is where I keep my wrapping paper and gift bags – the green organizer is for gift bags and the tall white one with the red lid is for wrap/tape – both bought at Home Hardware.

All of my completed scrapbooks are in this closet as well.  I sometimes leave one on the coffee table in the living room, but this is where they live, up high where no little guys can nab them.

The blue bucket holds all of my user manuals with the receipts stapled to them, I previously blogged about the user manual bucket here: https://organizedcanadianmama.wordpress.com/2014/09/04/organized-thursday-user-manuals/

This is just an idea to show you how you can create usable stations within your closets to serve you well, and help you easily access the paperwork and other items that you need.



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