Organized Thursday: Small kitchen appliances

Hi friends,

Today, we’re delving into that scary, dark kitchen cupboard of small appliances.

It’s amazing how we can be sold on a serious number of small, “must-have” one trick appliances, or maybe we’ve been given them as gifts, but all of the sudden that kitchen cupboard is overflowing and out of control.

My task to you today is to empty out that cupboard or hiding spot where you store your goodies, and assess the last time you used these items.  If it’s been longer than a year, get rid of it.  Donate it, sell it, just get it out of your house.

If you’re not sure, stick a post it note on the item, put it away and make a note on your calendar to check that cupboard in a few months.  If you haven’t even thought of it in the meantime, it’s time to purge it out of your house.

Also, when you go through them, ensure that you aren’t doubling up on function.  If your Keurig pours hot water, do you need a kettle too?  If your blender has every option, do you need a chopper too?

Good luck, and happy organizing!


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