Organized Thursday: Cleaning supplies

Hi friends,

It’s a great day to organize your cleaning supplies.

Dig out under your sink, or your cleaning closet, and grab some dollar store buckets, and separate them out.  I have 3 buckets under my sink (pictured above).

# 1. Cleaning supplies I use all the time:

– Pledge

– Windex

– Natural floor cleaner

– Stainless steel wipes

– Lysol wipes

– Febreeze

– Clove cleaner

– Baking soda

– All purpose cleaning spray

#2. Dishes

– Dishwashing liquid

– Cleaning tabs for dishwasher

– Jet dry

– Lysol hand soap refills

#3. Extras

– Bleach

– Oven cleaner

– Spot shot (carpet cleaner)

– Vim

– Mr. Clean

– Fireplace cleaner

That’s it.  I don’t keep anything more than that.

Edit your list and minimize your needs to keep it all together, and fit in the space.

Have fun!


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