Kids on Wednesday: Spring Fever’s Coming

Hi friends,

Spring Fever’s coming for your babies!  Mine get it every year, that irresistible urge to get outside and run around after the long, winter months of being kept indoors.

Now, I’m pretty sticky about taking out the bikes & scooters this early in the year, since the street’s haven’t been cleaned of tons of gravel and sand, and there are still ice patches around.  So, instead I make a point of pulling out a few items: a basketball, some hockey sticks, hula hoops.  I also tend to pick up one new outside thing for the kids to do on the few fine spring days outside: I just picked them up some bouncy balls.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, I like to go to the dollar store with the kids and let them use their imagination.  Or encourage your kids to go outside and jump in the inevitable puddles.

Just make a point of pulling out a few outside toys, and send the kids outside to play, ward off that spring fever today, Mom.



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