Kids on Wednesday: Helping kids deal with death, part 2

Hi friends,

Here is my original post on helping kids deal with death, which is unfortunately an area that Mike and I have had a lot of experience in, in the last few years:

Helping kids deal with death

Now, while my father in law Dennis died in January and the kids have seemingly “bounced back” into their regular schedule, as kids sometimes do, I have to remind myself to check in with them and make sure that they are OK.

So, here is my advice a couple of months after losing a family member:

– Talk about your loved one around the dinner table, have everyone tell a favourite story about them

– Make a family project like a picture collage, scrapbook, or t-shirt pillows with a piece of clothing from your loved one, many kids love a physical reminder like that

– Watch a family home movie if you have one with your loved one in it

Basically, let your kids know that it’s OK to talk about your loved one, and remember them.  More upset feelings may spill out once you start the process again but that’s healthy, be prepared to slow down and take your time with your “remembering projects.”

Love, Amy


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