Financial Friday: Make a found money plan

Hi friends,

Sometimes in life, we have that most excellent moment of having “found money”.

Whether it’s an unexpected check, an extra payday in a month, a tax return, it’s a great idea to have a plan in advance for such occasions, so that your eyes don’t glaze over and you go on a shopping spree or a trip, automatically!

This can be as simple as a post it note that you and your partner agree on.

You can have priorities, like, all extra money goes to saving for a new roof, or the kids hockey fees.  Or you can divvy it up by percentage, like if we receive any extra money, half will go to the credit card and the other half we will use to buy a car stereo that we want.  Just having that talked out plan will make your financial direction as a team so much easier when you do get an unexpected amount.



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