Organized Thursday: Building an emergency bag

Hi friends,

No matter where you live, an emergency is possible.  I know that it’s not something that we like to think about, but it’s good to be prepared for.

What if you have a few minutes to run out of your house?  What would you do?

I would grab my husband, kids, pets and emergency bag and be out the door without a second thought.  Here’s how I built my emergency bag:

1. I bought an emergency backpack, pre-packed with all sorts of good stuff, from the Red Cross here:

Red Cross Emergency backpack

2. I added a lot of items to it once I received it: dog and cat food, toilet paper, my medications, water, granola bars, extra flashlights and batteries.  Just add what you think you would need for a quick exit from your house just in case.

3. Later, I photocopied all of our ID and important numbers and added them to the bag.

If you already have an emergency bag in the house, this is a good time to go through and update it – are you on new medications?  Do have snacks or water in there that need to be replaced?  Do you have a new pet whose food needs to be added?  A new baby so that you need to add baby supplies?

Feel free to leave comments on your own emergency preparedness, I would love to hear them.



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