Financial Friday: How much do your treats cost?

Hi friends,

Budget check!  What is your main indulgence and how much does it cost?
First, figure out what your main indulgence is – you probably know what it is already, if you don’t, check your bank statement and it should be glaringly clear.

Usual indulgences are things like manicures, massages, fast food lunches, coffee drive thru in the morning, new clothes.

Take a minute to look at the last 30 days of your spending and see how much you spent on your little habit.  Can you afford it?  Can you cut down from buying lunch out to two days a week?  How much will you save then?
Paying attention and learning your habits will be the first big step to controlling your treats.  You still deserve a treat, but just make sure that you can comfortably afford it.



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