Kids on Wednesday: Preparing for your child’s illnesses

Hi friends,

Sick happens.  Especially with kids.  I sometimes refer to my kids school as the germ pool, since they seem to bring home every bug that crosses that threshold.

The key to handling your child’s illnesses well, even though it really sucks, as a parent, to watch your child suffer, is being prepared.  I have a list of medications that I keep in my kids medicine cabinet, as soon as it gets low, I make a note on the grocery list to stock up.

Here’s what I keep in the house:
– Tylenol and Advil

– Cough syrup and lozenges

– Aloe vera, calamine lotion, rubbing alcohol

–  Gravol

Also, I have a sick bucket stocked with items for that inevitable throwing up in the middle of the night party.  A plastic puke bucket, with a towel, face cloths, gravol, Spot shot cleaner, Lysol wipes, Lysol spray and peppermint oil all tucked inside.

What do you keep in your medicine cabinet for your kids next sick day?


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