Financial Friday: Make a payment plan

Hi friends,

Do you have a debt that’s been on your mind lately?

The best way to get it off your mind is to face it and deal with it.

Let’s just say that you have a credit card balance hanging over your head, get the current amount that is owing, and your monthly payment amount.

Let’s also say that you want to pay off your credit card in the next 12 months.  You need to divide your current balance by 12, add your monthly payment which usually just covers the interest payment, and commit to paying that amount each month until your credit card is paid off, without racking up any additional balance.  Write down your plan and discuss it with your partner.

It sounds simple, but in this case, knowledge is power for sure.  Having a plan and a deadline is very reassuring, and will dismiss your worries, which has its own kind of value.



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