Organized Thursday: Closet labels

Hi friends,

It’s a big job to organize a pantry or closet but then, it’s sometimes hard to keep it that way, just like it’s been freshly organized.

My easiest way of keeping a storage space clean and organized is with labels.

I usually use Avery labels since I can find them in my Word templates to print on them, although I sometimes like to hand label too.  Then, I grab some scrapbooking paper for the background, to stick the label on.  I like to use zip ties to secure the labels as I have wire shelving in my closets and pantry.  Double sided tape would work if you have solid shelves.

The key is labelling like items and keeping it simple, like instead of labelling every item in my pantry, I have labels like Spices, Extras and Cans.
Once the labels are up, it will help your family find and put away the things you need.

Good luck!


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