Kids on Wednesday: Picking up the slack

Hi friends,

We’ve had illness and grief in our house this year, and this can really mess with the running of a household.  Daily chores, cooking and laundry sometimes seem like insurmountable tasks.  This is when the kids can really help, and feel valuable, with clear, concise instruction that is age appropriate.

When things go wrong in life, parents usually don’t communicate much about it to their children, and also when the routine goes off the rails as well, it can leave the young ones feeling really out of control and uncomfortable.

A way to let them help, and feel empowered, is to give them jobs to help in the daily running of the house, and explain how it will help you.  Little guys can help wipe down the table and counters after meals.  Not so little guys can take out the garbage, help with meal prep and clean bathrooms.  Teens can do all of that plus help grocery shop, run errands, and cook.

Empower your kids to help pick up the slack around the house in times of trouble, and their healthy habits will continue through the good times as well.



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