Kids on Wednesday: Older kids & new traditions

Hi friends,

It’s sad, but a new opportunity when kids get older, and some family traditions no longer fit.

For example, my baby is 11, turning 12 in the fall, and the Easter Bunny gig is up.  My boys have always loved an Easter egg hunt, but I wondered if that was over now.  I sat down with the kids and had a discussion about whether or not they wanted to continue with it, and if they had any ideas.  Max came up with the plan that we will still do a hunt, but the boys will hide for each other, and time each other, and the different items will be worth different points.  In other word, an egg hunt competition.

It was super fun, and a new, age appropriate tradition for our family.  Discuss the upcoming holidays with your babies as they grow older, and see if they want to rearrange your family traditions as time marches on.



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